Promote Poetry! Donate Today!

Louder Than a Bomb: Great Plains employs more than 30 local poets, brings renowned touring artists to Nebraska, rents multiple venues for bouts and workshops, and relies on supporters in the community to cover these expenses. Even small donations can go a long way towards helping Nebraska teens develop an appreciation for poetry through direct participation.

Your Contribution is Tax Deductible

LTAB: Great Plains is run by the Nebraska Writers Collective, an Omaha-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering self-empowerment and community-building through creative writing and performance poetry. All donations are tax deductible.

Your contribution goes entirely towards education. It lets NWC Teaching Artists and staff members help local students that otherwise wouldn’t have access to this kind of creative teaching. It gets poets and writers to schools and organizations they otherwise wouldn’t have the means to visit. It helps sustain a program that has directly benefited thousands of students and dozens of local poets over the past six years.

We Need Volunteers

The LTAB tournament is a month-long event with lots of moving pieces, and there is even more to coordinate before the festival as guests are brought in to interact with students. If you could help us keep things running smoothly (and enjoy some fabulous poetry), please contact us for more details.

Help Us Spread the Word

We want the world to know about LTAB and the difference it makes in communities, and you can help. Post about us on your blog, Facebook account, or other social media outlets. Tweet about us. Tell your friends and family about us at the coffee shop or the dinner table. Write us a letter of support that we can use to help secure funding. We appreciate your support!